Project: Sowwah Island District Cooling

Description : Infrastructure

1. Peer review of the Sowwah district cooling plant
2. Design and review of Contractor proposals for energy transfer stations

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Client : John Buck International / Mubadala

Year : 2010

Peer review of the concept/scheme and detailed design proposals of the 80,000 TR district cooling plant and thermal energy storage facility serving the Sowwah financial district of Abu Dhabi.

The district cooling plant has two independent distribution circuits one of which provides a dedicated resilient 53MW (15,000TR) chilled water supply to the Cleveland Clinic with emergency generators.

B&W undertook the design and review of Contractor ETS installations within various buildings, including the Rosewood Hotel, connected to the Sowwah district cooling plant.

The ETS designs included features to ensure the buildings fully utilised their district cooling allocation and the avoidance of low delta-T syndrome that would impact on the operational performance/ efficiency of the district cooling plant.