Project: Saadiyat Island District Cooling

Description : Infrastructure

Location: UAE

Client : TDIC

Year : 2010

Master Planning, 9 Primary District Cooling Plants. Client representative services to TDIC, Abu Dhabi’s leading developer for their largest development, Saadiyat Island.

We provided strategic  advice for the Capex/ Opex business plan for distributed district cooling to the entire island.  In order to force energy conscious design solutions on all sub-developers, utility caps were assigned to all plots.

We undertook a detailed study of cooling loads for several building types,  produced models and outline designs to ensure that load analysis was appropriate for all developers.  The recommended  limits and design guidelines to sub-developers were added to the plot Sales and Purchase Agreements in order to preserve the viability of the business plan, setting low energy targets and diversity expectations for efficient operation of the district cooling plants.

Combined capacity of the district cooling plants was in excess of 400,000 TR serving 130,000 residents.