Project: Nakheel Harbour and Tower

Description : Multi-use, 1000m high

Location: Dubai

Client: Nakheel

Architect: Woods Bagot

Year: 2008

Designed by the developments wing of major investment company Nakheel, the 1km-high tower on a 270-hectare site, Nakheel Tower comprises four individual towers within a single structure, and a crescent-shaped podium encircling the base, complementing the structure’s height. The scheme also features 250,000 sq m of hotels and hospitality space, 100,000 sqm of retail space and green spaces including canal walks, parks and landscaping. The site is in central Dubai at the intersection of Sheikh Zayed Road and the Arabian canal, and aims to complement surrounding developments, such as Jumeirah Park and Discovery Gardens.

With sustainability and safety key to the development of this planned 1km-tall tower, our team proposed an analysis of existing design climate assumptions to ensure that they reflected the location of the project and its 80% increase in enthalpy diversity.

The results from the analysis enabled changes to the original design that achieved:

50% reduction in cooling requirements (versus ASHRAE base model)
35% reduction in solar gain
32% reduction in conduction gains
Saving 6,140 tonnes of CO2 pa