B&W becomes the first MEP Design Consultancy to achieve BIM Level 2 certification through Ocean Certification

B&W are proud to announce this achievement which reaffirms our continued commitment to a long-term and structured BIM implementation strategy across the business, embracing industry recognised benchmarks.

As one of only a handful of other MEP Consultants in the UK to achieve certification through a recognised accreditation body, Level 2 certification strengthens the creditability of our BIM data management competencies which puts us in a strong position to successfully enhance bid submissions in support of our design team partners.

Level 2 BIM Certification

The UK government’s much publicised BIM Level 2 mandate took effect on the 4 April 2016. Achieving certification also acknowledges our ability to respond to the mandated requirement by demonstrating our internal management systems (QSE) are fully aligned to deliver the requirements within the standards of PAS1192-2:2013 and PAS 91:2013 section 4.2.

We are particularly proud of the effort that has gone into this achievement which has been accomplished in conjunction with a comprehensive overhaul of our legacy QSE system. The fundamental principles and objectives of BIM processes are synonymous with B&W’s ethos and our QSE system now fully integrates BIM into our core processes.

The independent certification scheme by UKAS accredited certification body Ocean Certification was perfectly aligned to our business needs, allowing our new QSE system to achieve UKAS accredited certification to ISO 9001 as part of the same process.

For further information on our Level 2 certification journey or information on our BIM capabilities / activities please contact:-

Phil Grant
Associate Director