Our approach

B&W’s ethos is simple: effective delivery of premium MEP services by experienced and talented engineers.

Our business model is designed to commit all our available engineering expertise to client projects. That means our directors are able to devote their time to the needs of clients, away from the shackles of general management. It also allows our senior engineers to do what they do best: produce distinctive and innovative designs that make B&W an industry leader.

Our principles

Great consultants listen

A consultant’s job is find the solution to a client’s problem. The solution can only be found if a client’s problem is fully understood.

The client’s goals are our goals

Clients know what they want; it is our job to find out what that is and help them deliver it.

Early involvement prevents late problems

Bringing all parties of a project team together at the earliest opportunity minimises clashes between design and construction, and ensures the delivery of sustainable and efficient systems.

Get it right first time

Spending time on the right design at concept stage saves time and money throughout the design and construction stages.

A simple design is often the best design

A system must not only be understood by the designer, but by those who install it and maintain it. Keeping it simple avoids confusion – and is often more efficient.

Avoid over design

At the centre of a project’s viability is building efficiency.  Right sizing of MEP systems ensures that oversized MEP spaces do not adversely effect efficiency.

Teams must stay together

The best project teams are often those with the fewest personnel changes. A team that stays intact from concept to handover provides the best opportunity for smooth delivery and minimised costs.

B&W staff turnover is an industry leading 2%.